• Laura Mushens

Interiors. My interior Caterham. The only place I am allowed right now.

Thank you for visiting.

I can do all styles of headings, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, cartridge and goblet, swags and tails or anything else you would prefer.

I also do Roman blinds, London Blinds, Austrian blinds. All sorts of cushions and other soft furnishings.

For now I am self-isolating with my husband and my cat as we’ve had symptoms. My house cat (Mona) is even getting sick of us as she tried the great escape for the 1st time yesterday. Usually never wants to go outside.

I get to go outside on Thursday, so exited to go to the supermarket… what shall I wear?

My husband suggested one of these that his company sent him… Think I will be the only person in the supermarket to wear one, might look a bit stupid and slightly concerned about getting mugged for it. It could only be worse having armfuls of hand sanitizer, loo roll and eggs.

I hope everybody keeps safe and remember to clap at 8pm to say thank you for all our NHS and other care workers currently putting themselves at risk to try and save lives.

One of my friends is a paramedic. She’s scared but she still goes to work. I bet she is not the only one who is scared and works anyway.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Signing out.

Laura of LM Drapery, Curtains, Blinds and soft furnishings.

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